Who We Are...

Journey Worship Co. is a team of worship leaders, songwriters, and musicians who serve weekly at their local church, The Journey Church, Lebanon, TN (Nashville). With biblical integrity and steadfast creativity, their aim is to write, record, and lead songs that are truthful and clear.

In 2020, when everything shut down, it was a good time to assess everything. Philosophy of ministry, song selection, elements of service… everything. After taking a deep dive into songs that were resourcing the Church at the time of the shutdown, Brett Perkins (Worship Pastor at The Journey Church) noticed a concerning shift in popular worship music. There seemed to be a growing pool of songs that sacrificed content at the altar of creativity. The songs that were being produced were creative and compelling, but the content was ambiguous and unclear. This was (and is) dangerous territory to venture into. So, for the sake of clarity and care for the people of The Journey Church, a team of pastors and writers gathered together to fight for truth and beauty for their people. This was the origin of Journey Worship Co.

Since the initial first day of writing in the fall of 2020, Journey Worship Co. has produced 2 full-length, live albums, along with a Reimagined for Kids album, and an acoustic EP (Green Room Sessions). They’ve traveled all across the eastern part of the US and their music has been lead and sung in churches across the world. JWC also plans to release their first full-length studio Christmas record this Christmas season. To keep up with their releases and whereabouts, follow them on socials and sign up for their mailing list. In the mean time, check out their music on all streaming platforms. You can also find their videos on YouTube.